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The Informed Scientist is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs:

First and foremost we are a service provider. Our team of scientists, TV-, web- and marketing–specialists develops and implements webcast solutions in the field of life sciences. For scientific societies, professional congress organizers (PCOs) as well as everybody else who has a stake in modern transfer of knowledge.

At the same time we act out of a conviction for a good cause: the free and easily accessible distribution of international findings in research. This is meant to contribute to the quality of medical research all around the world. As entrepreneurs we are not only aware of our social responsibility, we also act accordingly. Hence, in 2010, we have launched the free video platform, which allows everybody to access the results of our work.

This is where all participants are benefitting: the worldwide scientific community, by having free access to the latest results of cutting-edge research; the medical congresses by enhanced exposure and reputation in the web because of their active contribution to the freedom of medical information as well as to the dissemination of medical knowledge, and last but not least, the worlwide community interested in new achievements in medicine.



The Informed Scientist is funded solely by the fees obtained through their services offered. The scientific/medical content of the website is exclusively selected by the congress organizers.




Updated January 23, 2014