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Presenter: Mrs. C. Parsons

Chloe was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, in the right femur in May 2005 aged thirteen. Her treatment, Euro-Ewing 99 Trial, included intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a right proximal femur replacement. Her treatment finished in May 2006, however Chloe has been having ongoing check-ups throughout the past ten years. Further surgery included a full right hip replacement in 2009 due to chronic mobility issues. Chloe is now 24 and Friday 13th May 2016 will mark her ten years in remission! Chloe has achieved many personal achievements such as graduating from University and abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth. However, recovering from cancer over the past decade or so has led to many emotional, physical and social issues. This includes mobility issues, anxiety, missing school life, feeling different to peers, family guilt, loss of confidence and independence, employment worries, fear of a relapse, survivors’ guilt and feeling defined by cancer. Chloe is thoroughly looking forward to the EORTC Survivorship Summit to share her story as a childhood cancer survivor and explore the difficulties that many young people face when growing up from cancer.