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Presenter: Mr. Dr. H. Rodriguez

Dr. Henry Rodriguez is Director of the Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Rodriguez is recognized as a global leader in the implementation of proteogenomics to enhance our understanding of cancer biology and its diseases. Prior to joining the NCI, Dr. Rodriguez was Director of the Cell and Tissue Measurements Group (research areas in genomics, proteomics, imaging, and informatics) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, (NIST), and prior to that served as Program Analyst to the NIST Director, was Director of the Tissue Engineering program, and served as Principal Scientist in the DNA Damage and Repair program, all at NIST. Dr. Rodriguez received his M.S. in biology/toxicology from Florida International University, Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from Boston University, and M.B.A. in finance and management from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. Research fellowships were conducted at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, California) and City of Hope National Medical Center (Duarte, California).


University:National Institutes of Health
Department/Institute:Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research