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Presenter: Mr. Dr. P. Meijnders

After his Medical School at the Erasmus University Rotterdam he was committed to the Radiobiological Institute TNO in Rijswijk, where he did his thesis research under the auspicien of Dick Van Bekkum and Johan Broerse. He continued his education at the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Centre, where he graduated in 1995 as radiation oncologist. He accepted a position as staff member at ZNA Middelheim, and became specialized in the treatment of lymphomas, CNS tumours and pediatrics. Due to a reorganisation of the radiotherapy in Antwerp he moved to the Iridium Cancer Network Antwerp/GZA in july 2015. Since 2008 he is associate professor at the University of Antwerp. He participates in the EORTC Lymphoma Group, of which he is scientific secretary, and in the EORTC brain group as a member. He is advisor of the Flemish patient organisation for brain tumors. He is also active as a board member of the Belgian professional and scientific organisation BVRO/VBS and the BRAVO (Belgian Radiation Oncology Awareness and Visibility Organization). He participates in the survivorship research of the EORTC Lymphoma Group, and recently in the Belgian project of late effects in children.


University:Iridium Cancer Network Antwerpen
Address:Oosterveldlaan 24
City:2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
Fon:03 443 37 37