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Presenter: Mr. Dr. R. Nout

Remi Nout was board certified as Radiation Oncologist in the Netherlands in 2008. During his residency he was involved in the PORTEC (Post Operative Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Cancer) trials. With the thesis titled ‘PORTEC- Reducing Overtreatment and Improving Quality of Life’ he obtained a PhD degree in 2013. The outcomes of the PORTEC-2 trial and long-term quality of life among PORTEC-1 survivors formed the basis of this thesis. He combines clinical work at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands with research activities and involvement in the PORTEC trials and is co-principal investigator in PORTEC-4. Main research areas include health related quality of life (endometrial cancer, cervical cancer collaborating in the EMBRACE study, rectal cancer), translational research prognostic and predictive markers in endometrial cancer, and brachytherapy. He is active in the GEC-ESTRO GYN group, currently involved a task group for the target concept in endometrial cancer, vaginal recurrences and primary vaginal cancer. He is board member of the Dutch Platform for Radiotherapy of Gynaecological Malignancies and representative in the Dutch Gynecologic Oncology Group. Since March 2014 he was awarded a two-year Clinical Fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Society titled ‘Image Guided Brachytherapy’ with a focus on rectal and gynaecological cancers. During this fellowship he will work in the radiotherapy departments of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada; Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark; University Medical Center Utrecht, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam and the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.