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Presenter: Mr. V. Keunen

Active in the field of medical information exchange for over 8 years (meXi and Medibridge, software that manage 90% of the traffic for test results transfer from hospitals and labs to doctors in Belgium), Vincent Keunen is now founder and CEO of A7 Software. Through this new company, Vincent has one clear goal: the disruption of the health world as we know it today. To achieve that vision, A7 Software developed Andaman7: a free mobile platform to create, manage and share health records. The app can be downloaded for free on the app store (iOS) and on the play store (play store). You can find more information about Andaman7 at and about Vincent Keunen at


University:Andaman 7
Address:Rue Wagner, 127
City:4100 Boncelles, Belgique
Fon:+32 4 330 37 30