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2nd EORTC Symposium on Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life, Symptom Research and Patient Reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical Trials

September 07, 2011 - September 09, 2011 | European Parliament

2nd EORTC Symposium on Quality of Life Research

This symposium aims to cover a broad range of topics in HRQOL, Symptom Research and Cancer clinical trials. It will address recent developments of EORTC tools, as well as other measures for use in clinical trials, but also have a broader focus including discussing international developments and research in oncology. The faculty are international key opinion leaders in their field who will be able to provide diverse opinions on HRQOL. All aspects of designing, conducting and analysing HRQOL in clinical trials will be discussed. In addition key EU legislators will interact with European patient groups to foster greater collaboration for advanced quality of life research.





DateSeptember 07, 2011 - September 09, 2011
Location:European Parliament;
Category: Medicine;