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The 4th International IVI Congress

Reproductive Medicine and Beyond: What more can we do to understand the process and to improve our results?

April 07, 2011 - April 09, 2011 | Palacio de Congresos

The 4th International IVI Congress

IVI was founded in 1990 as the first Spanish medical institution exclusively dedicated to Assisted Human Reproduction Treatments. Over the last 20 years, more than 50,000 births give witness to IVI’s success as the european leader in Reproductive Medicine.

Main Topics:

• Ovarian Stimulation Update
• Advanced Maternal Age
• The Role of the Endometrium as a Fertility Factor
• Recurrent Miscarriages
• Methods for the Selection of the Most Competent Gamete
• Innnovative Strategies for Pre-Implantation and Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
• Long-term Consequences of Assisted Reproduction
• Ceremonies & Debate Session
• Non-Invasive Diagnosis in Modern ART
• New Technologies that will Impact our Clinical Routine



DateApril 07, 2011 - April 09, 2011
Location:Palacio de Congresos;
Category: Medicine;