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July 08, 2013

Webcasts of congress lectures are increasingly becoming an important and appreciated tool for the communication of breaking news throughout the scientific community.

You as the congress organizer, by publishing the lectures online,

  • will enable scientists and especially students, who had no opportunity to follow the lectures in person, to attend the meeting in a virtual fashion independent of time and location
  • will create a pronounced added value as attendees have the chance to follow missed lectures
  • will reach more members of the scientific community 
  • will increase the degree of familiarity of your congress and thus reach more potential participants of future congresses, as well as relevant media and sponsors 
  • will strengthen the awareness of your congress at companies, potential collaboration partners, funding institutions
  • will create an invaluable archive of scientific progress  
  • will have additional data to evaluate the worldwide resonance to your congress and its lecturers
  • will have an additional marketing tool to promote your congress

Our professional and internationally recognized team has outstanding experience in the production of high-quality webcasts as well as in the promotion of your webcasts to your worldwide audience. Do get in touch with us: we will find the solution for the promotion of your congress that best fits your needs.