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DEBATE: Neuro-epistemology: Randomized controlled trials are the gold standard in neurorehabilitation - NO

Plenary Session I

October 28, 2010


Congress:The 4th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
Presenter:D. Muresanu

The last decade has been very fertile in the development of both neurosciences and evidence based medicine (EBM), even if sometimes they did not go hand in hand. Evidence based medicine is a concept that tries to build clinical decisions based on empirical knowledge collected from randomized control trials (RCTs). RCTs were designed in order to avoid systematic sampling errors.
As we can see from the genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic studies of post lesional regulations, the biological reality of the nervous system is extremely complex and rather individualistic (neurotrophicity, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis responses). Therefore, due to patients’ heterogeneous responsivity in clinical practice, the approach of neurorehabilitation should be more individualistic, with better chances to manage complex situations.
This presentation will analyze why RCTs concept is difficult to be applied to neurorehabilitation studies.

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