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Overview of assay development for early stage clinical trials, and importance of the dialog between trialists and laboratorians

Considerations in assay development and its integration into drug development: Clinical trials and beyond into clinical practice

September 08, 2016 | Length: 33:15 min


Congress:Innovation and Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development
Presenter:R. Kinders

Robert Kinders is head of the Pharmacodynamics assay development (PADIS) laboratory at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. The PADIS laboratory is charged with development and validation of assays to measure the effects, at the molecular level, of new, targeted anticancer agents in first-in-man clinical trials at the NCI Clinical Center. PADIS provided the assay support for the first Exploratory IND (Phase 0) Trial performed in the U. S., which specifically demonstrated the activity of the PARP inhibitor ABT-888 in patients. In addition, the laboratory supports investigators in certain NCI Clinical Trials Network activities. His laboratory is actively engaged in CTC applications development for support of NCI-sponsored clinical trials. He received his Ph.D. in Biology at Kansas State University. His research has focused on cancer diagnostics and biomarkers. He has worked extensively in the U.S. Diagnostics Devices industry, including stints at Abbott Laboratories and C.R. Bard; and in pharmaceutical development at Abbott Laboratories and CuraGen. He has served on the Technical Advisory Board at Abbott, and is currently on the Advisory Council of the Kansas Center for Basic Cancer Research.

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