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Screening Patients for Efficient Clinical Trial Access

Patient access and regulatory challenges for clinical trials in the era of molecularly defined “Personalized therapies”

September 08, 2016 | Length: 6:24 min


Congress:Innovation and Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development
Presenter:V. Golfinopoulos

Dr. Vassilis Golfinopoulos joined EORTC Headquarters in September 2012, and holds the position of Medical Director. His tasks include development and implementation of the EORTC’s scientific strategy and support of initiatives put forth by the EORTC Board. Vassilis plays an instrumental role in the organization’s SPECTA program and translational research initiatives. He keeps his feet well-grounded in the EORTC’s daily clinical and translational research efforts through his role as clinical research physician for the EORTC Brain Tumor Group.

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